Pre-enrolment procedure

Those who want to enter in this degree must cover the pre-enrolment file on-line in the given period in the calendar.

Once finished the first enrolment period, if there are empty places, a second enrolment period, following the same principals and criteria than the first one, will be opened. Extraordinarily, the Academic Committees of each master’s degree can request a third period, depending on the valuation of the places already taken for each rate, in the two ordinary previous periods.

Students can pre-enrol in a maximum of 4 master’s degrees in the University of Vigo.


Admission criteria and documentation

The admission to the Master’s Degree will be defined by:

  • The level of affinity of the access degrees to the master’s degree. The priority degrees are the bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood and Primary Education and the three-year degree in Teaching. The non-priority degrees are all the other bachelor’s and master’s degrees of the Spanish Faculties of Education Sciences, which affinity will be valued if the places are not taken.
  • The academic record of the studies previously developed.
  • The professional and research experience in the educational field.
  • The level of knowledge of the taught foreign languages.

The corresponding documentation must be sent to or submitted in the Master’s Degrees and PhD Programmes Area of the School of Forestry Engineering (A Xunqueira, Pontevedra).
This procedure will be done when pre-enrolling.

It is not necessary to submit supporting documentation of the academic record if the student graduated in the University of Vigo.


Pre-enrolment procedure

Those who studied in the UVigo must pre-enrol through the Virtual Secretariat.
If not, it must be carried out in the Auto-enrolment section.