The credit transfer and recognition will be performed according to the established in the article 6 of RD 1393/2007 (Modified by the article 2 of the Royal Decree 861/2010, of July 2), which estates that “the universities will elaborate and make public their regulation on the credit transfer and recognition, following the general criteria established in this Royal Decree”.

According to the Credit Transfer and Recognition in the UVigo Regulation, the Master’s Degree Academic Committee will be the board in charge of valuing, under request of the interested person, the credit recognition for other study plans, taking into account the adequacy of the competences and knowledges associated to passed subjects and those planned in the proposed study plan, or the transversal ones. Following the given regulation, all the credits achieved by students when studying this Master’s Degree, as well as the transferred ones, will be included in their academic record and shown in their Diploma Supplement.

The credit recognition request must be submitted in the Area of Postgraduate Studies of the School of Forestry Engineering, with the accredit corresponding documentation.

Professional experience recognition

As the Galician Inter-University Commission agreed, the subject Practicum can be recognised by a minimum of 6 months of professional experience certified as a teacher.

In this case, the supporting documentation to submit together with the request will be:

  • For civil servants, service sheet.
  • For those with a labour contract, copy of the contracts and labour report.