This Master’s Degree has been designed as a specialisation of the Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees taught in the Galician Faculties of Education Sciences. The implantation proposal for the year 2018-19 gave continuity, on one hand, to the Bachelor’s Degrees, for students who are willing to achieve a wider specialisation and/or want to complete their education with a PhD thesis. It could also accommodate professionals from the old degrees in teaching, and who could broaden and improve their knowledges in the context of their training as teachers.

The University Master’s Degree in Research and Innovation in Specific Didactics for Early Childhood and Primary Education provides with specialised education for the professional development both in fields directly related with education, and especially with formal education, as well as in the industries of cultural and non-formal education, linked to strategic fields in Galicia.

The current economic and social reality, which does not offer very encouraging prospects at short term regarding employability, also implies a bigger exigence in the education of professional and cannot prevent an integral vision of the profiles and fields of action more and more diverse and, therefore, with more possibilities for employability for university students.