The Master’s Degree Final Project enables students to research and innovate in specific curricular areas

The Master’s Degree Final Project is a mandatory subject in the study plan, of 9 ECTS credits. It implies that students conduct a project, report or study individually, in an innovative, personal and original way, meaning an induction into research within one of the Degree’s Specific Didactics areas, or more than one if aiming for an interdisciplinary approach.

It should be focused on the application of competences associated to the degree and of acquiring competences related with the autonomous learning, being directed by teaching staff.

To draft the MDFP the experience achieved during the Practicum, which will be considered, as much as possible, the field work of the project, will be taken into account.

It will consist on a written document which follow all the given patterns a director’s instructions provided in personalised attention or in mentoring meetings.

Students must present and defend their MDFP publicly before an examining board named by the master’s degree’s coordination.


Master’s Degree Final Project – Year 2022/2023

Guide to develop the MDFP
Faculty Regulations
MDFP offer

MDFP defence calendar

1st term 24/01/2023 – 31/01/2023 13/02/2023
2nd term
12/06/2023 – 19/06/2023 29/06/2023
June – July 28/06/2023 – 04/07/2023 18/07/2023

* Virtual submission | ** in the Conference Room of the FESS


MDFP Coordination

Uxío Pérez Rodríguez